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Refinance First Mortgage

If you have a first and second mortgage, you may consider refinancing them both. You are not stuck with two separate mortgages. You can refinance and combine them into one mortgage loan, perhaps even lowering your interest rate and monthly payments. If you have a large amount of equity in your home, you stand to benefit quite a bit from consolidating your first and second mortgages. Basically, you are likely to qualify for a very low interest rate.

For those with less than 25-percent home equity, refinancing their first and second mortgages may offer less interest rate benefits. Individuals with less equity may qualify for higher refinance rates. Those with less than 20-percent equity will have to pay for private mortgage insurance as well. Still, depending on a range of other factors, individuals in these situations may save money by refinancing into just one mortgage loan.

Get a Loan to Refinance First Mortgage and Second Mortgage

To learn whether or not refinancing your first and second mortgages makes sense for you, start doing your research. Request free refinance quotes from us at and determine how much you could save with different lenders. We'll provide you with up to four no-obligation rate quotes from reputable refinance lenders. You can compare quotes and learn if consolidating your mortgages is a good idea. You can even learn details about refinancing your first and second mortgages separately.

Complete our online form to get quotes for refinancing your mortgages. It's fast, incredibly easy, and free! Start looking now for lower rates and more manageable payments.

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