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If you have done any research into home mortgages in Maine, you will have come across the term "points." What exactly are points in mortgages, and how can you tell if you should consider using points when you see which Maine mortgages would best serve your needs? Points have always been a mystery to those not in the business of mortgages. Understanding what points are and how they work can help you make an educated decision when choosing among Maine home mortgages.

On a basic level, points are fees. They are fees that the home buyer pays upfront at the closing of the mortgage deal. Why would you choose to pay fees? Well, paying fees upfront reduces the interest rate that you will pay throughout the life of your Maine home mortgage. So, paying points can help lessen the overall cost of the mortgage.

Points in Maine Home Mortgages

However, if you do not have a lot of money to spend at the beginning of the mortgage, points may not be helpful to you at all. While you will pay a slightly higher interest rate for your mortgage, you will be able to get into your house sooner than if you waited to save up money to pay points.

At, our free matching service can put you in touch with up to four experienced mortgage brokers and lenders who will discuss points with you. You can also compare the mortgage quotes each broker gives you to see the effect points can have on a mortgage. So, take a couple of minutes to fill out our no-obligation online form now!

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