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Low Rate Home Equity Loans

You may have seen ads that tell you that you can get a low rate on a home equity loan and even avoid closing costs. Are these loans a good deal for consumers? They can be, although homeowners should be aware that there's no such thing as a free loan; closing costs not paid at the time of the loan will often be added to the principal of the loan.

Still, a low rate home equity loan can make sense for some homeowners. The interest on such loans is typically tax deductible and homeowners can take advantage of the growth in their home equity over time. Low rates on such loans make them a more attractive borrowing option than credit cards or other forms of consumer debt.

Low Rate Home Equity Loans Made Simple

One way to investigate whether a low rate home equity loan is right for your situation is to get no-obligation quotes from a variety of lenders. At, we provide a free service that allows homeowners to receive such quotes from up to four providers in our competitive network of mortgage brokers and lenders. The process is simple; fill out a short form online, and let our lenders contact you.

All quotes are provided with no obligation. You'll deal directly with the lenders and be able to ask any questions you have about the process. In addition to home equity loans, our network of lenders also provide quotes on other loan types, such as new home purchase loans.

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